[RIG 007] Outcomes Vs. Processes in Your Relationship Goals

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Today, we are talking about being outcome and processes focused can dramatically change the type of interaction you’re having with someone.

Many people can achieve their relationship goals when they shift their focus.

When you’re outcome focused, the connection dramatically decreases and causes the other person to pull away.

Relationship goals where the two people feel deeply connected, seen and heard by each other. The kind of relationship that can stand the test of time and overcome any adversity.

And we also answer these questions:

[11:03]-Is it desperate and needy to make the first move?
[17:01]-What to do when the person you like is with someone else and their public displays of affection are really getting under your skin
[21:39]-What is the best way to get out of Damage Control Mode?
[26:22]-Getting the relationship you want isn’t about what you say or do if you neglect THIS…
[32:17]-How to text someone and stick out from the crowd (so that your message actually gets noticed and gets a response)
[38:42]-Is going with the flow the same thing as being emotionally accepting?
[45:35]-How to get someone to talk on the phone instead of just texting with you

Watch this video to learn about how you can finally achieve the relationship goals you’ve wanted and how to make massive improvements in how you’re connecting with someone.

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